More ways to help!

Some people are ineligible to register with the National Marrow Donor Program due to age, health condition, or other circumstances. But you can still help! Here’s a few ideas…


The Volunteer for Amit wiki describes many ways you can help. Whether you’re organizing a drive or assembling swab kits, every little bit helps. 

If you’re interested in volunteering at a marrow registry drive or in some other capacity, please join the Team Amit Google Group.

Contribute Financially

While no one is required to pay to join the registry, each test costs the NMDP about $100. Your contributions can help offset those costs. 

You can chip in here (please and thank you!) to help pay for others to join the marrow donor registry.

Tell friends in the press and media

We’ve been lucky that Amit has gotten attention in places like CNN, Bloomberg, public radio, the Bay Area NBC affiliate, and even news programs in Canada. Each time, we’ve gotten an influx of interested people eager to join the registry or organize drives.

If you have friends who work in TV, radio, or for newspapers, ask ‘em if they’d be interested in interviewing Amit about his story, about the difficulty minorities face in finding bone marrow transplants, or talking to him or to his friends about how social media has helped reach thousands upon thousands of supporters in just days.

We think this is a compelling story, and the more people that hear it, the more lives we can save. (Including, we hope, Amit’s!)

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